The TaskJuggler User Manual

Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Specifies what percentage of the task is already completed. This can be useful for simple progress tracking like in a TODO list. The provided completion degree is used for the complete and gauge columns in reports. Reports with calendar elements may show the completed part of the task in a different color.

The completion percentage has no impact on the scheduler. It's meant for documentation purposes only.

Syntax complete <percent>
Arguments percent
The percent value. It must be between 0 and 100.
Context task, supplement (task)

task "Build house" {
  start 2007-01-06
  duration 30d
  # This task should have been completed on Jan 15, but only
  # 20% of the task have been completed so far.
  complete 20

taskreport "Complete" {
  formats html
  columns name, end { title "Due date" }, complete, gauge, chart

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