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Keyword leaves List Attribute


Describe a list of leave periods. A leave can be due to a public holiday, personal or sick leave. At global scope, the leaves determine which day is considered a working day. Subsequent resource definitions will inherit the leave list.

Leaves can be defined at global level, at resource level and at shift level and intervals may overlap. The leave types have different priorities. A higher priority leave type can overwrite a lower priority type. This means that resource level leaves can overwrite global leaves when they have a higher priority. A sub resource can overwrite a leave of a enclosing resource.

Leave periods outside of the project interval are silently ignored. For leave periods that are partially outside of the project period only the part inside the project period will be considered.

Syntax leaves (project | annual | special | sick | unpaid | holiday | unemployed) [<name>] <interval3> [, (project | annual | special | sick | unpaid | holiday | unemployed) [<name>] <interval3>...]
Arguments project
Assignment to another project (lowest priority)
Personal leave based on annual allowance
Personal leave based on a special occasion
Sick leave
Unpaid leave
Public or bank holiday
Not employeed (highest priority)
name [STRING]
An optional name or reason for the leave
See interval3 for details.
Context properties, resource, supplement (resource), shift

project "Annual Leave" 2011-12-19 +1y {
  now 2012-07-01

leaves holiday "Christmas" 2011-12-24 +3d,
       holiday "New Year" 2011-12-31 +3d

shift s1 "Shift 1" {
    leaves annual 2011-12-19 +3w,
           special 2012-01-12 +1d

resource team "Team" {
  leaveallowances annual 2011-12-19 20d
  leaves holiday 2012-01-06

  resource r1 "R1" {
    leaves annual 2011-12-19 +3w,
           special 2012-01-12 +1d
  resource r2 "R2" {
    leaveallowances annual 2012-06-01 -10d
    leaves sick 2012-01-04 +2d,
           unpaid 2012-01-10 +3d
resource r3 "R3" {
  shifts s1 2011-12-19 +3w
  leaves sick 2012-01-04 +2d

task "foo"

resourcereport "." {
  formats html
  columns name, annualleave, annualleavebalance, sickleave, specialleave, unpaidleave

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