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Keyword priority


Specifies the priority of the task. A task with higher priority is more likely to get the requested resources. The default priority value of all tasks is 500. Don't confuse the priority of a tasks with the importance or urgency of a task. It only increases the chances that the tasks gets the requested resources. It does not mean that the task happens earlier, though that is usually the effect you will see. It also does not have any effect on tasks that don't have any resources assigned (e.g. milestones).

For milestones it will raise or lower the chances that task leading up the milestone will get their resources over task with equal priority that compete for the same resources.

This attribute is inherited by subtasks if specified prior to the definition of the subtask.

Syntax priority <value>
Arguments value [INTEGER]
Priority value (1 - 1000)
Context task, supplement (task)

project "Priority Demo" 2011-04-17-0:00--0700 +2m {
  timezone "America/Denver"

resource tux "Tux"

task jobs "Project breakdown" {
  start ${projectstart}

  task work "The regular work" {
    effort 20d
    priority 500
    allocate tux
    limits { weeklymax 25h }

  task support "Customer Support" {
    # This is a high priority task. Due to the high priority tux is
    # spending the required daily maximum on it.
    end ${projectend}
    priority 800
    allocate tux
    limits { dailymax 2h }

  task conference "Attend Conference" {
    period 2011-04-25 +2d
    allocate tux
    priority 1000

  task maintenance "Maintenance work" {
    # This is a fallback task. Whenever tux is not doing something
    # else he is allocated to this task.
    end ${projectend}
    priority 300
    allocate tux
    limits { weeklymax 2d }

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