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Keyword timezone


Sets the default time zone of the project. All dates and times that have no time zones specified will be assumed to be in this time zone. If no time zone is specified for the project, UTC is assumed.

The project start and end time are not affected by this setting. They are always considered to be UTC unless specified differently.

In case the specified time zone is not hour-aligned with UTC, the timingresolution will automatically be decreased accordingly. Do not change the timingresolution after you've set the time zone!

Changing the time zone will reset the working hours to the default times. It's recommended that you declare your working hours after the time zone.

Syntax timezone <zone>
Arguments zone
Time zone to use. E. g. 'Europe/Berlin' or 'America/Denver'. Don't use the 3 letter acronyms. See Wikipedia for possible values.
Context project

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