General Usage

To use the graphical front-end simply start it from the menu. Depending on your Linux Distribution you will usually find it under Office/Project Management or a similar entry. To start it from a shell type

% TaskJugglerUI

The commandline version of TaskJuggler works like a compiler. You provide the source files, it computes the contents and creates the output files.

Let's say you have a project file called AcSo.tjp. It contains the tasks of your project and their dependencies. To schedule the project and create report files you have to ask TaskJuggler to process it.

% taskjuggler AcSo.tjp

TaskJuggler will try to schedule all tasks with the specified conditions and generate the reports that were requested with the htmltaskreport, htmlresourcereport or other report properties in the input file.

In contrast to the commandline version the GUI does not generate all reports directly after scheduling. Only the report that was visible previously will be generated. All other reports including export reports will be generated when viewed or requested by the right mouse button menu.