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Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword hideaccount

Do not include accounts that match the specified logical expression. If the report is sorted in tree mode (default) then enclosing accounts are listed even if the expression matches the account.
Syntax hideaccount (<operand> [(| | & | > | < | = | >= | <= | !=) <operand>...] | @ (all | none))
Arguments operand

An operand can consist of a date, a text string, a function, a property attribute or a numerical value. It can also be the name of a declared flag. Use the scenario_id.attribute notation to use an attribute of the currently evaluated property. The scenario ID always has to be specified, also for non-scenario specific attributes. This is necessary to distinguish them from flags. See columnid for a list of available attributes. The use of list attributes is not recommended. User defined attributes are available as well.

An operand can be a negated operand by prefixing a ~ character or it can be another logical expression enclosed in braces.

The 'or' operator
The 'and' operator
The 'greater than' operator
The 'smaller than' operator
The 'equal' operator
The 'greater-or-equal' operator
The 'smaller-or-equal' operator
The 'not-equal' operator
Context resourcereport, taskreport, textreport, tracereport, accountreport
See also sortaccounts

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