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Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword include (properties)


Includes the specified file name as if its contents would be written instead of the include property. The only exception is the include statement itself. When the included files contains other include statements or report definitions, the filenames are relative to the file where they are defined in. include commands can be used in the project header, at global scope or between property declarations of tasks, resources, and accounts.

For technical reasons you have to supply the optional pair of curly brackets if the include is followed immediately by a macro call that is defined within the included file.

Syntax include <filename> [{ <attributes> }]
Arguments filename [STRING]
Name of the file to include. This must have a .tji extension. The name may have an absolute or relative path. You need to use / characters to separate directories.
Context properties

Attributes accountprefix, reportprefix, resourceprefix, taskprefix

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