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Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword resourceroot

Only resources below the specified root-level resources are exported. The exported resources will have the ID of the root-level resource stripped from their ID, so that the sub-resources of the root-level resource become top-level resources in the report file.
Syntax resourceroot <resource>
Arguments resource [ID]
The ID of a defined resource
Context resourcereport, taskreport, textreport, tracereport, accountreport

project "Test" "1.0" 2010-11-10 +2m {
  timezone "America/Denver"

resource org "Org" {
  resource team1 "Team1" {
    resource r1 "R1"
    resource r2 "R2"
    resource r3 "R3"
  resource r4 "R4"
resource r5 "R5"

task "T"

resourcereport "ResourceRoot" {
  formats html
  columns name, id
  # Only list the Team1 as if it would be a top-level resource.
  resourceroot team1

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