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Declares an account. Accounts can be used to calculate costs of tasks or the whole project. Account declaration may be nested, but only leaf accounts may be used to track turnover. When the cost of a task is split over multiple accounts they all must have the same top-level group account. Top-level accounts can be used for profit/loss calculations. The sub-account structure of a top-level account should be organized accordingly.

Accounts have a global name space. All IDs must be unique within the accounts of the project.

Syntax account [<id>] <name> [{ <attributes> }]
Arguments id [ID]
An optional ID. If you ever want to reference this property, you must specify your own unique ID. If no ID is specified one will be automatically generated. These IDs may become visible in reports, but may change at any time. You may never rely on automatically generated IDs.
name [STRING]
A name or short description of the account
Context account, properties

Attributes Name Scen. spec. Inh. fm. Global Inh. fm. Parent
aggregate x x
credits x
flags (account) x x

account project_cost "Project Costs"
account payments "Customer Payments"{
  credits 2007-01-01 "Customer down payment" 500.0,
          2007-01-14 "1st rate" 2000.0

balance project_cost payments

resource tux "Tux" {
  rate 300
resource konqui "Konqui" {
  rate 200

task items "Room decoration" {
  start 2007-01-06
  # The default account for all tasks
  chargeset project_cost

  task plan "Plan work and buy material" {
    # Upfront material cost
    charge 500.0 onstart
    length 2d
   task remove "Remove old inventory" {
    allocate tux
    allocate konqui
    effort 1d
    depends !plan
  task implement "Arrange new decoration" {
    effort 5d
    allocate tux, konqui
    depends !remove
  task acceptance "Presentation and customer acceptance" {
    duration 5d
    depends !implement
    chargeset payments
    # Customer pays at end of acceptance
    charge 2000.0 onend

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