class TaskJuggler::Account

An Account is an object to record financial transactions. Alternatively, an Account can just be a container for a set of Accounts. In this case it cannot directly record any transactions.

Public Class Methods

new(project, id, name, parent) click to toggle source
Calls superclass method
# File lib/taskjuggler/Account.rb, line 24
def initialize(project, id, name, parent)
  super(project.accounts, id, name, parent)

  @data =, nil)
  @project.scenarioCount.times do |i|, i, @scenarioAttributes[i])

Public Instance Methods

method_missing(func, scenarioIdx, *args) click to toggle source

Many Account functions are scenario specific. These functions are provided by the class AccountScenario. In case we can’t find a function called for the Account class we try to find it in AccountScenario.

# File lib/taskjuggler/Account.rb, line 38
def method_missing(func, scenarioIdx, *args)
scenario(scenarioIdx) click to toggle source

Return a reference to the scenarioIdx-th scenario.

# File lib/taskjuggler/Account.rb, line 43
def scenario(scenarioIdx)
  return @data[scenarioIdx]