class TaskJuggler::ReportTableColumn

The ReportTableColumn class models the output format independend column of a ReportTable. It usually just contains the table header description. The table header comprises of one or two lines per column. So each column header consists of 2 cells. @cell1 is the top cell and must be present. @cell2 is the optional bottom cell. If @cell2 is hidden, @cell1 takes all the vertical space.

For some columns, the table does not contain the usual grid lines but another abstract object that responds to the usual generator methods such as to_html(). In such a case, @cell1 references the embedded object via its special variable. The embedded object then replaced the complete column content.



Public Class Methods

new(table, definition, title) click to toggle source

Create a new column. table is a reference to the ReportTable this column belongs to. definition is the TableColumnDefinition of the column from the project definition. title is the text that is used for the column header.

# File lib/taskjuggler/reports/ReportTableColumn.rb, line 37
def initialize(table, definition, title)
  @table = table
  # Register this new column with the ReportTable.
  @definition = definition
  # Register this new column with the TableColumnDefinition.
  definition.column = self if definition

  # Create the 2 cells of the header.
  @cell1 =, nil, title, true)
  @cell1.padding = 5
  @cell2 =, nil, '', true)
  # Header text is always bold.
  @cell1.bold = @cell2.bold = true
  # This variable is set to true if the column requires a scrollbar later
  # on.
  @scrollbar = false

Public Instance Methods

minWidth() click to toggle source

Return the mininum required width for the column.

# File lib/taskjuggler/reports/ReportTableColumn.rb, line 57
def minWidth
  width = @cell1.width
  width = @cell2.width if width.nil? || @cell2.width > width
to_csv(csv, startColumn) click to toggle source

Put the abstract representation into an Array. csv is an Array of Arrays of Strings. We have an Array with Strings for every cell. The outer Array holds the Arrays representing the lines.

# File lib/taskjuggler/reports/ReportTableColumn.rb, line 75
def to_csv(csv, startColumn)
  # For CSV reports we can only include the first header line.
  @cell1.to_csv(csv, startColumn, 0)
to_html(row) click to toggle source

Convert the abstract representation into HTML elements.

# File lib/taskjuggler/reports/ReportTableColumn.rb, line 64
def to_html(row)
  if row == 1