The TaskJuggler User Manual

Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword caption

The caption will be embedded in the footer of the table or data segment. The text will be interpreted as Rich Text.
Syntax caption <text>
Arguments text [STRING]
The caption text.
Context resourcereport, taskreport, textreport, tracereport, accountreport

resource r1 "Resource 1"

task plant "How to plant a tree" {
 start 2007-01-01
 # All sub-tasks inherit this allocation of r1
 allocate r1
 task plan "Choose the planting site" {
   effort 2d
 task buy "Get a tree" {
   effort 1d
   depends !plan
 task action "Plant the tree" {
   effort 0.5d
   depends !buy

taskreport planttree "PlantTree.html" {
  formats html
  caption "This project shows how to plant a tree easily"
  headline "How to plant a tree"
  columns name, start, end, daily
  # Don't hide any resource, thus show them all.
  hideresource 0

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