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Keyword booking (task) List Attribute


The booking attribute can be used to report actually completed work. A task with bookings must be scheduled in ASAP mode. If the scenario is not the tracking scenario or derived from it, the scheduler will not allocate resources prior to the current date or the date specified with now when a task has at least one booking.

Bookings are only valid in the scenario they have been defined in. They will in general not be passed to any other scenario. If you have defined a tracking scenario, the bookings of this scenario will be passed to all the derived scenarios of the tracking scenario.

The sloppy attribute can be used when you want to skip non-working time or other allocations automatically. If it's not given, all bookings must only cover working time for the resource.

The booking attributes is designed to capture the exact amount of completed work. This attribute is not really intended to specify completed effort by hand. Usually, booking statements are generated by export reports. The sloppy and overtime attributes are only kludge for users who want to write them manually. Bookings can be used to report already completed work by specifying the exact time intervals a certain resource has worked on this task.

Bookings can be defined in the task or resource context. If you move tasks around very often, put your bookings in the task context.

Syntax booking <resource> <interval4> [, <interval4>...] [{ <attributes> }]
Arguments resource [ID]
The ID of a defined resource
See interval4 for details.
Context task, supplement (task)
See also booking (resource)

Attributes overtime (booking), sloppy (booking)

project project "Simple Project" "1.0" 2007-01-05 +1m {
  timezone "America/Denver"
  # The baseline date for the projection.
  now 2007-01-15

resource tux "Tux"

task test "Testing" {
  start 2007-01-05
  effort 10d
  allocate tux

supplement resource tux {
  # Book a whole day (8 hours). The 1 hour lunch break is skipped.
  booking test 2007-01-06-9:00 +9h { sloppy 1 }
  # Book 2 days in the afternoon, 4 hours each.
  booking test 2007-01-08-13:00 +4h,
               2007-01-09-13:00 +4h
  # This is a common mistake. With standard working hours, this will
  # yield a zero time booking! The interval is midnight to 8am. So
  # it's outside of the working hours and 'sloppy 2' suppresses the
  # warning.
  booking test 2007-01-11 +8h { sloppy 2 }
  # Use 'overtime' to book off-hour slots. This booking will book the
  # full 10 hours, ignoring the lunch break and adding an extra hour
  # in the morning.
  booking test 2007-01-11-8:00 +10h { overtime 1 }

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