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Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword statussheetreport

A status sheet report is a template for a status sheet. It collects all the status information of the top-level task that a resource is responsible for. This report is typically used by managers or team leads to review the time sheet status information and destill it down to a summary that can be forwarded to the next person in the reporting chain. The report will be for the specified trackingscenario.
Syntax statussheetreport [<id>] <file name> [{ <attributes> }]
Arguments id [ID]
An optional ID. If you ever want to reference this property, you must specify your own unique ID. If no ID is specified, one will be automatically generated. These IDs may become visible in reports, but may change at any time. You may never rely on automatically generated IDs.
file name [STRING]
The name of the status sheet report file to generate. It must end with a .tji extension, or use . to use the standard output channel.
Context properties

Attributes Name Scen. spec. Inh. fm. Global Inh. fm. Parent
end (report) x x
period (report)
start (report) x x

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