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Keyword sortresources

Determines how the resources are sorted in the report. Multiple criteria can be specified as a comma separated list. If one criteria is not sufficient to sort a group of resources, the next criteria will be used to sort the resources in this group.
Syntax sortresources (<tree> | <criteria>) [, <criteria>...]
Arguments tree [ID]
Use 'tree' as first criteria to keep the breakdown structure.
criteria [ABSOLUTE_ID]
The sorting criteria must consist of a property attribute ID. See columnid for a complete list of available attributes. The ID must be suffixed by '.up' or '.down' to determine the sorting direction. Optionally the ID may be prefixed with a scenario ID and a dot to determine the scenario that should be used for sorting. In case no scenario was specified, the top-level scenario is used. Example values are 'plan.start.up' or 'priority.down'.
Context resourcereport, statussheetreport, taskreport, textreport, timesheetreport, tracereport, accountreport

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