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Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword trackingscenario


Specifies which scenario is used to capture what actually has happened with the project. All sub-scenarios of this scenario inherit the bookings of the tracking scenario and may not have any bookings of their own. The tracking scenario must also be specified to use time and status sheet reports.

The tracking scenario must be defined after all scenarios have been defined.

The tracking scenario and all scenarios derived from it will be scheduled in projection mode. This means that the scheduler will only add bookings after the current date or the date specified by now. It is assumed that all allocations prior to this date have been provided as task bookings or resource bookings.

Syntax trackingscenario <scenario>
Arguments scenario [ID]
ID of a defined scenario
Context project

project "test" 2009-11-30 +2m {
  timezone "America/Denver"
  trackingscenario plan
  now ${projectstart}

resource r1 "R1"

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