The TaskJuggler User Manual

Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing

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Keyword newtask

The keyword can be used to request a new task to the project. If the task ID requires further parent tasks that don't exist yet, these tasks will be requested as well. If the task exists already, an error will be generated. The newly requested task can be used immediately to report progress and status against it. These tasks will not automatically be added to the project plan. The project manager has to manually create them after reviewing the request during the time sheet reviews.
Syntax newtask <task> <STRING> { <attributes> }
Arguments task
ID of the new task
Context timesheet

Attributes end (timesheet), priority (timesheet), remaining, status (timesheet), work

timesheet r1 2009-11-30 +1w {
  newtask t4 "Another fun job" {
    work 2d
    remaining 4d
    status yellow "Had a cool idea" {
      summary "Will have a schedule impact though."

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