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Keyword work


The amount of time that the resource has spent with the task during the reported period. This value is ignored when there are bookings for the resource overlapping with the time sheet period. If there are no bookings, TaskJuggler will try to convert the work specification into bookings internally before the actual scheduling is started.

Every task listed in the time sheet needs to have a work attribute. The total accumulated work time that is reported must match exactly the total working hours for the resource for that period.

If a resource has no vacation during the week that is reported and it has a regular 40 hour work week, exactly 40 hours total or 5 working days have to be reported.

Syntax work <value> (% | min | h | d)
Arguments value
A floating point or integer number
percentage of reported period
Context newtask, task (timesheet)

timesheet r1 2009-11-30 +1w {
  task t1 {
    work 3d
    remaining 0d
    status green "All work done" {
      summary "I had good fun!"
      details -8<-
        This task went smoothly and I got three things done:
        * Have fun
        * Be on time
        * Get things done

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