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Keyword supplement (task)


The supplement keyword provides a mechanism to add more attributes to already defined tasks. The additional attributes must obey the same rules as in regular task definitions and must be enclosed by curly braces.

This construct is primarily meant for situations where the information about a task is split over several files. E. g. the vacation dates for the resources may be in a separate file that was generated by some other tool.

Syntax supplement task <task ID> [{ <attributes> }]
Arguments task ID
The absolute ID of an already defined task.
Context task, supplement (task)

Attributes Name Scen. spec. Inh. fm. Global Inh. fm. Parent
adopt (task)
allocate x x
booking (task) x
charge x
chargeset x x
complete x
depends x x
duration x
effort x
effortdone x
effortleft x
end x
fail x
flags (task) x x
length x
limits (task) x
maxend x x
maxstart x
milestone x
minend x
minstart x x
note (task)
period (task) x
precedes x x
priority x x x
projectid (task) x x x
responsible x x
scheduled x x
scheduling x
schedulingmode x
shifts (task) x x
start x
supplement (task)
warn x

task top "Top Task" {
  task sub "Sub Task"
  supplement task sub {
    length 1d
supplement task top {
  flags important
  supplement task sub {
    allocate joe

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